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Cem Clean

Cem-Clean is a concentrated blend of acids and advanced detergent technologies. Designed to be diluted for use, Cem-Clean is economical, chloride-free and ideal for removing cement residues from a variety of surfaces. It is suitable for use on granites, some sandstones, brick, tiles etc and can even be used safely on mixers and equipment.rnrnAs an additional benefit, the special blend of acids used will remove and neutralise rust on equipment and on the surface of natural stone such as granite. Cem-clean further binds to free iron in the stone to inhibit the formation of more rust stains.rnrnCONCENTRATED rnFREE FROM HYDROCHLORIC ACIDrnREMOVES CEMENT RESIDUESrnREMOVES RUST STAINSrnHELPS TO INHIBIT FURTHER RUST