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Surface Treatment

Sub category:
  • Epoxy


    WDC is a water dispersible epoxy coating which is odour and taint-free, and non-flammable.


  • Oil-based


    Polyfloor is an economical, single pack, high gloss, oil-based floor paint based on tough polyurethane resins to give a tough, durable finish.


  • Other

    Line Marking Paint

    Larsen Line Marking Paint is a blend of high quality pigments, resins, hardeners and fast-drying solvents, supplied in an easy to use aerosol dispenser.


  • Epoxy

    Larcote PE (Pitch Epoxy)

    Larcote PE (Pitch Epoxy) is a high-build, thixotropic coating, which when cured provides a hard, slightly flexible, water and vapour-proof black film for concrete or metal surfaces; coupled with resistance to abrasion and attack by many chemicals, dilute acids, alkalis, fuels, oils, etc.