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Streetscape EM (Epoxy Mortar)

Streetscape EM (Epoxy Mortar) is a three-part, solvent-free, epoxy resin-based topping or mortar, which provides a dense, thin layer floor finish, repair mortar or thick bed resin adhesive.

Streetscape EM can be used as a very effective thin layer repair for degrading floors, either to complete small patch repairs or as a thin layer topping. It is also suitable for repairs to concrete floors, joints, walls, etc. and can be used as a bedding mortar for bridge-bearing pads. Streetscape EM is ideal for bonding stone paving into metal recessed covers.

  • Solvent-free, three-part system
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • Waterproof, seamless finish
  • Good chemical resistance
  • >60N/mm2 @7days
  • Up to 50mm in one layer

Coverage: Dependent on the nature of the surface and usage. A 10kg pack produces approx. 5L of trowelable mortar

Packaging: 10kg packs