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Concrete Repair Kit

Concrete Repair Kit is a three part concrete patch repair kit based on epoxy resins and specially selected fillers.

The kit contains enough binder to prime up to 0.75m2(5Kg pack size) or 1.5m2 (10Kg pack) before adding the remaining binder to the fillers to produce the patch mortar. Concrete Repair Kit is ideal for Concrete patch repairs to stairs and coving, pipes, kerbs, manhole rings, etc. and is especially suitable where a good finish is required.

  • Solvent-free three pack system
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Complete repair system in one pack
  • Rapid cure
  • 50-60 N/mm2
  • Up to 50mm in one layer

Coverage: Dependent on the nature of the surface and usage

A 5kg pack produces approx. 2.5L of trowelable mortar

Packaging: 5kg and 10kg packs