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Feather Edge

Feather Edge is a quick drying, trowel applied smoothing compound. It is a blend of specially selected aggregates, cements and polymers to give a very fast setting, cementitious flooring skim coat.

Feather Edge is ideal for the smoothing of small floor areas prior to the installation of resilient floor finishes (carpet and vinyl) rather than applying a self-leveling compound to the entire floor. It has a strong bond to concrete, plywood, existing self-leveling compounds, ceramic tiles, vinyl, etc. and is ideal for smoothing joints between different surfaces, covering tile grout joints, for use over vinyl tiles, etc.

  • Protein-free
  • 20N/mm2
  • Feather-edge skim coat
  • Cover in 15 mins

Coverage: Approx. 12.5 m2/10 kg bag @ ½mm skim

Packaging: 10kg packs