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Streetscape GPM

Larsen Streetscape GPM is a high strength gun applied jointing mortar.

It is manufactured from a controlled blend of specially selected fine aggregates, cements and additives and only requires the addition of water to produce a high quality pointing mortar for rigid construction methods. Streetscape GPM is ideal for the pointing of natural stone flags, setts and cobbles, concrete pavers, brickwork and natural stone walling. Streetscape GPM is a dry blended product that gives the applicator consistent colour and strength throughout the project. The finished joints are highly resistant to freeze thaw action and when correctly installed will not be damaged by mechanical street cleaning. Streetscape GPM comes in a range of colours to suit your requirements.



  • 40MPa compressive strength
  • Min 5mm joint widths
  • Up to 150mm joint depths
  • Frost resistant



Coverage: 25 kg will cover approx 28 linear metres at a joint width of 5mm wide x 10mm deep

Packaging: 25kg multi-wall paper sacks