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Chemcrete ME2

Chemcrete ME2 is a plasticising/air-entraining admixture for mortar, based on synthetic surfactants.

It has been designed to produce a small, stable bubble matrix that improves workability and frost resistance of ready mixed mortars while reducing bleed. Chemcrete ME2 is generally used in conjunction with Chemcrete MR1 to provide masonry mortars for laying that remain workable for up to 48hrs (depending on the dosage of Chemcrete MR1).

  • BS EN 934-3: T2
  • Low Dosage
  • Segregation and bleeding reduced
  • Improved freeze-thaw resistance
  • Suitable for all building mortars
  • Mortar remains useable for up to 48hrs when used in conjunction with Chemcrete MR1

Dosage: Typically 0.15 - 0.45L per 100kg cement.

Packaging: 25L, 200L and bulk