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Larseal Super

Larseal Super is a solvent-based, hardwearing acrylic sealer and surface coating for concrete, Shake-Top, concrete paving products and other cementitious floors.

Larseal Super is designed to penetrate the capillary structure of the substrate, and by binding loose particles together, forms a tough, resilient enamel. This leaves the surface dust-free, hardwearing and resistant to oils, alkalis and other chemicals.

  • Colourless
  • Improves wear resistance
  • Superior resistance to attack from most oils and chemicals
  • Binds together friable surfaces
  • Eliminates surface dusting
  • Reduces dirt penetration
  • Easier floor maintenance
  • Longer floor life

Coverage: 1L will cover 5-10 m2 (depending on porosity and texture of substrate)