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  • Highways-High Friction Surfacing HFS15

    Larsen Highways HFS15 patch pack is the complete, fast and cost effective solution for patching areas after maintenance. Perfect for repairs to junctions, car parks, roundabouts, cycle tracks and pedestrian areas in general. Can also be used as a high friction surface for manhole covers.


  • SFX30

    Larsen Highways SFX30 is a rapid hardening professional grade sign-fix specifically formulated to provide an instant hold when fixing in place lighting columns, barriers, posts, poles, speed cameras, fences and street furniture. It is a blend of specially selected aggregates, cements and additives to give a very fast-setting, non-shrink, cementitious mortar.


  • Highways RRC15

    Larsen Highways RRC15 is a fast-set high early strength concrete suitable for repairs large or small. Suitable for use in car parks, bridge decks, warehouses and farm buildings, it may be used for patch or full depth repairs.


  • Highways TLM05

    Larsen Highways TLM05 Thermoplastic Line Marking offers a convenient and cost effective method for the reinstatement of lines.


  • Highways RRC05

    Larsen Highways RRC05 is a rapid strength surfacing concrete designed for making good blemishes and repairs to all concrete surfaces such as roads, paths and driveways. It is also suitable for the installation of small ironwork, posts and access points for infrastructure and utilities.


  • Highways MBC10

    Larsen Highways MBC10 is a HAPAS approved rapid strength concrete specifically formulated for the backfill of carriageway ironwork and haunching reinstatements, as well as post, sign, fence and barrier erection. MBC10 can also be mixed to a trowelable consistency for bedding or repair applications. It is manufactured from a controlled blend of specially selected cements, additives and aggregates to give exceptionally high early compressive and flexural strengths.