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Chemcrete HP3

Larsen Chemcrete HP3 is a ‘3rd generation’ high performance superplasticiser/high range water reducer.

HP3 is a solution of a polycarboxylate polymer and acts through a steric repulsion mechanism. This permits high workability or water reduction of up to 30%. Where normal superplasticisers like melamine and naphthalene sulphonates operate through an electrostatic repulsion mechanism, the improved performance of 3rd generation superplasticisers like HP3 results from a mechanism based on steric hindrance. This mechanism is more efficient at dispersing and maintaining dispersion of the cement and filler particles and allows high workability and slump retention without retardation effects.          

  • BS EN 934-2 Table 3.1/3.2
  • Up to 30% water reduction
  • Increases workability
  • High early strengths
  • High ultimate strengths
  • No retardation at normal dosages
  • Ideal for precast concrete and flooring applications

Dosage: 0.2 – 1.0% by weight of cement

Packaging: 25L, 200L and bulk